Glass Pane

Dear Diana,


All my life

There has been a glass pane

Separating me from others

When I reached out

For the touch of a friend

And the comfort of someone who


My fingertips were interrupted

By the cold surface of a window

That let me look into someone’s world

And hear their voice

And let me see their tears

And smile

But wouldn’t let me


The solace of their understanding

And friendship


I met you

When I was still a kid

Who hadn’t fulfilled her innate need

For a connection of such magnitude

That it would make the ocean wallow in shame

At its own lack of depth

And the sky gaze at my heart

And wonder why its own stratosphere

Wasn’t as vast as the love I held inside myself

As I spent more time with you

I began to reveal myself

Until eventually

I was completely


The day I reached for you

My hands and heart

Met your soul

There was no distance between us

The glass pane was gone

And it was just the two of


Trying to figure out the world

While also hiding under

a blanket of childhood comfort


As the sun sets

And your future calls to you

Our world of

Mutual vulnerability and


Comes to an end


I watch you leave

With rivers

Streaming down my face

And see the past

Five years

Leave with you

The only thought that

Plagues my mind

Is how my world ends


Not with a biblical flood

Or hellish fire

But a breaking of the heart

And an aching of the soul


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Hey, my best friend of five years left last year and it broke my heart too. I get you. Its nice to know someone else has experienced the same thing. Thanks for sharing.

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