Dreams and Nightmares by: Jaay Dee Kayy

Sometimes I confuse my dreams with nightmares,

Because dreams for me always end with a scare,

Whether it be drowning or embarrassing stares,

It gives me all the reason to want to stay aware;

But this time I dreamt, and the dream was weird,

Because it wasn't about boys or the end being near,

It wasn't about being clowned or a stupid little fear,

The dream was about all my friends being here;

I felt a sense of nostalgia, then we were at some talent show,

But the show was like a bar, and the name was Unknown,

All the new faces around me, but only three I'd ever known,

The lights were low, and the only lights were pink, blue, and yellow;

The lights were like a neon, and everything else was pitch black,

Then I could make out one friend's face, and the other two were coming from the back,

I remember telling one that the talent show was whack,

Then he grabbed my hand, and shot a smile, then my heart started beating fast...


I've never had any feelings for this one particular friend,

And it was a really weird way for my first good dream to end,

But I woke up really confused, and now I just have to blend,

Oh man, it's really weird, because today I have to see this friend again.


Ugh, teenage life.

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