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if this is the only way to see youi will do itif the only way to see youis to hurt you
He's everything I'd laugh to myself about. Everything I thought I didn't want. Wet sand colored, dark blonde hair. Warm make-you-melt deep brown eyes. Paired with a smile that makes me glow. 
Although it's been two years, my mind still starts to wander You occupy my thoughts, and I still always ponder About how different my life would be if back then I had knew The repercussions I would face because I love you
My heart crumbled When I had to walk on those eggshells. Every word you didn't like, A land mine , Every phrase that didn't flatter you, A sure explosion To crumble my heart
I love you he said as we celebrated our one year  he made it a habit to whisper those three words in my ear,  I loved him back everything was just so perfect to me 
All the signs are there. The signs that this isn’t it.   Pay attention to when he asks for the passwords to your social media accounts. He’ll use it to download your entire Facebook data.
“Because I love you”I can use and abuse this termGuilt you into thinking you are the reason this relationship isn’t standing firmBecause I love you, so I wouldn’t mess us up, it’s all on you  However, because I love you I won’t Instead I will talk
The worst feeling of a relationship is to feel like you can´t speak your mind You say something, expect judgment the next second What is the purpose of speaking anyway?
I never knew that one day would be the last hello. On that corner under our tree with the dream, Every hurricane of emotion stops; let’s go With that hint of a distanced gleam
(CO) has no scent like smoke, and so we breathe it in. (CO) has no flash like fire, and so we watch it spin. (CO) has no burn like ash, and so we let it fry. (CO) has no shriek like gas, and so we hear it cry.  
One heart is all it takes to love someone, but every day, people kill each other with their love more than their bitter hatred ever could
I thought I was special when he talked to me.  Our eight year age difference intrigued me. Laughter and sweet small talk consumed our weeks. His vast charisma and poise decived me.
I always admired the way our hands communicated. I loved feeling your middle finger graze over mine.
Your face is familiar. Whether you are the face of my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my friend, or my lover, I see you in this mirror.   I love you. That love will never fade,
I love you   This is my commitment, not just lifeless words For love is not a noun, it’s an action, it’s a verb   I’ll love you with my whole heart, for as long as I shall live
Because i love you I'll call you ugly the day you decide your cut your hair shorter than your brother I'll rip the flower crown out of your head when you're fourteen
We bring out the worst in each other And you could never convince me that By being with you I become the best version of myself This may surprise you but You brighten my day Is a false statement 
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