Make It Better

The worst feeling of a relationship is to feel like you can´t speak your mind

You say something, expect judgment the next second

What is the purpose of speaking anyway?

Keep it to yourself kid, or else you´ll feel regret then

She wants you talk about your day

You said that you greeted a friend of yours, a female, with just saying ¨Hey¨

She gets a mean mug on her face

You feel like a disgrace

Then in a few moments of silence, she will put you in your place

With an, ¨Oh so you´re talking her¨

¨I wasn´t talking to her, I just wanted to say hello¨

¨Yeah, so you wanted to talk to her and give her attention because she´s a little h-¨


Now you feel like your only option is to just give up and apologize

and just to, ¨make it better¨

You say ¨I´ll make it better babe¨

Then she says, ¨No you ruined my day¨

She turns away in disgust

Just because she thinks your heart is filled with lust

For other females

But that is not the case at all

She has her friends of the opposite gender

But you don´t take it to heart

You let her do what she wants so you can make her happy


Relationships are supposed to be love for one another also including friends

by either gender because you both vowed the love will never end

The way for this to ¨make it better¨ is resolved with compromise

Once she opens up her mind and realize

That everybody can have somebody to call a friend

Your love is still unbroken and have no end

If she has the opportunity, why can´t you have yours?

There is nothing to hide between you and closed doors

If she says she can trust

then it shall be a must

for the both of you to make it better.



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I wanted to show an example of today´s age of relationships. People give themselves to others for a place of comfort within someone else, not to feel misjudged and punished for the things that they do in their own time, like conversing with a friend of the other gender and such. Once, they feel comfortable with one another, then someone in the relationship feels like they have a say about who they can talk to or what friends they can and can´t have. The trend of dictating your significant other happens to everyone and it only brings the relationship down, which makes it toxic. Everybody should feel as if they can be accepted for anything, even having a friend of any gender, so that it can produce a truly healthy relationship.

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