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They say home is where the heart is So I built us a house of cliches Cut out the electricity, Because they say love is blind
Because I love you, I know there are others who love you for the same reasons that I do Your charisma, your intelligence, and the way them brown eyes capture me every time I look at you
Baby your hands have the softest touch; When they are wrapped around my body. I woke up from a nightmare the other day; I dreamt of pushing you far away.   You held me when I cried telling you this;
First Love Forever Love   Some people say that love at first sight is not real and others say that distance is even more. Athough there is space it cannot stop what I feel
A man once had this beautiful and alluring women named Ebony. She possessed the minds of every mans dream, every mans desire. He began to pursue her before his time expires. He won his prize,
Because I love you, Emptying out my heart to you doesn’t seem as scary, Caring and loving you comes with ease, Adoring you comes naturally,
"everything is going to be okay" I trust you when you say You give me faith and lift me up when I'm down With your optimistic mindset, you try to push on me. you never give up and want me to be happy
Love is the light in the dark Love is to open one's heart It fills your soul- -makes it hard to breathe It hurts Love It's you It goes deeper than the sea Farther than this life
A healthy relationship can be hard to find, With it can come love and peace, Someone who will help in a bind, With them you feel in one piece, Don't think there will not be problems though,
I love you like the sound of raindrops on my window. The soft gentle lulling of a pull back into sleep, It is the way you hold me before you say goodnight. Because I love you, nightmares don't exist, it’s quiet.  
What is Love? Is it telling you “yes” because I’m afraid you’ll get mad?  What is Love? Is it constantly worrying when you look at my phone for fear you’ll think I’m cheating on you?
When I fell in love with you I didn't know that my heart would yern for you I didn't know that you would call be just because you wanted to hear my voice I didn't know that you would be willing to make time for me
my body is aching as I write this to feel the large strong hands of someone who will be my lover and protector to have those hands caress me all over feel me up study all of my features and crevices
Because I love you Means giving up time Means listening well Means a heart that rhymes   Because I love you Means an earlier shower
What is love? Oh god, what a good question. What is love? Can anyone explain what it is, or isn’t? What the hell even is it?   Love isn’t.
Unconditional Love A road to which we all fall in The young, the old The rich, the poor We often forget what is healty in a relationship   Allowing the one you love to  have their own freedom
goodmorning kissesgoodbye hugsa happiness that can’t be matchedby any of the drugs your smile when you laughyour “laugh-till-you-cry”there’s nothing you dothat doesn’t make me smile
a guide to a healthy relationship. harsh words are covered up with "i'm sorry". hands are held, not thrown.  tears are wiped, smiles are plastered. 
My supposed friend, you didn't invite me to your birthday party My supposed friend, you yearn for me only for homework or quiz answers My supposed friend, you are the bane of my insecurity
Healthy relationships are hard. They are wild, crazy, unrelenting forces of nature. Built, not bought- they are the very foundation of trust and loyalty.
You brought me a gift just because you thought of me I looked inside and what do I see The dress i adored the other day I was at a loss for words
They come and go too often Especially in these years So people far and wide should know What they should hold dear   They should talk and be thoughtful And lighthearted and fun
I'm leaving one day Far away I could never ask you to come Because I love you I don't trust easily  But I trust you with my life Because I love you Everything you say Everything you do
Sirius   My moon, my stars My sunset, my night sky In my eyes you shine brighter than Any new moon in the night time. My heart, my soul
“I love you bunches!” is always on the tip of your tongue“I love you lots!” drips from my lips like the rosary beads of a nun It’s your eyes I stare into, their blue melting me like ice
Riding on 1 with 39 bikes The sky made lit neon stars bright. The event, uplifting With cool artistry
I couldn’t help but notice that leftover ranch on the side of your lip We started laughing and the room filled with love that neither of us could manage to hold.
It's this theme. This one.  I used to think the theme of my life was one that lacked hope. That lacked smiles and stupid silly faces and laughter. But that's not the theme of my story. no. 
I am here I am committed You are sick, I take care When you cry, my shoulder is there   I ask permission I consent
I am here I am committed You are sick, I take care When you cry, my shoulder is there   I ask permission I consent
Our relationship Is a slow dance Resting on each other Comforting   Round and round we go
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