Our Last Night.



I couldn’t help but notice that leftover ranch on the side of your lip

We started laughing and the room filled with love that neither of us could manage to hold.

After the laughs slowly dimmed away I opened the door for you.

I managed to treat you the same way you treat me, with respect and honesty.

So when I spoke about him you didn’t runaway, raise your voice, or grab me like the one before.

You told me it doesn’t matter as long as you respect me even when I’m not next to you.

So that rings through my ears even when we have 4 hours and 270 miles between us.

But some days both our storms come out to play and we clash like the waves on a stormy night.

Yet we still run towards each other during these nights, we keep our issues between us and because I love you I accept your ways in dealing with them.  

I let you be free and roam the world with your own wings.
I hold you close whenever you need some extra love

And I wipe your tears when you're shaken up and tired.

But because I love you I will take the next flight out so I can help you feel content,

Help you feel okay.

So I love you.

I love the flaws that are in you and on you.

I’ve fallen in love with the things you hate about yourself

Made sure to love them for you.

Although we have our distance

We still manage to love.

Because I love you I won’t let distance separate us.

Because I love you...because I love you I won't fight it when we actually need our distance.



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