House of Cliches

They say home is where the heart is

So I built us a house of cliches

Cut out the electricity,

Because they say love is blind

Changed all the clocks to 11:11 and took out the batteries
Because that’s when they say wishes come true

Built an aquarium with only one goldfish inside

Because who needs plenty of fish in the sea?

Painted a solar system on our walls 

Because I love you to Pluto and back

Tattooed your initials in a heart on my elbow

So that I can always keep your heart up my sleeve

Played music without rhythm on our stereo system

So you can get used to the sound of my heart skipping a beat

Stock up all of our shoes on the lowest shelf

Because I’m head over heels for you

There are no stairs

Because there is no falling out of love in this house

Stocked up on lipstick and mascara

So we can always kiss and makeup

Never need a lighter 

Cause we’re a match made in heaven

I’d buy one of those globes that never stops spinning

Because our love makes the world go round

There is no love lost here

Our house will have curves

Because every doorknob is a love handle.

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