A man once had this beautiful and alluring women named Ebony.

She possessed the minds of every mans dream, every mans desire.

He began to pursue her before his time expires.

He won his prize,

the prize was the heart she carried.

Her heart gave his soul trust, happiness, love, and care.

He soon married her without no time to spare.

Even though he got his prize he still wants to know what is hidden deep inside.

He ask " What is your target in life my love? What makes my baby cry? What motivate you? What are your happiest memories?

Instead she tells him a mini story of her own.

" Baby, your are the only man in my life that has ever treated me right. My happiest moments are with you.

My target was to love myself before I let any man love me. I cry tears of joy because that is all I ever feel with you.

My motivation is the peace that i feel everyday."



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