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It smelled like old graham crackers, Soggy cinnamon bread crumbs years stale.   It smelled like too hot plastic, When jungle gyms were pirate ships, Sharp teeth lurked below.  
The layers of tears that I've cried have stung my eyes to that point of where seeing just becomes painful. I don't want to give up. But I'm being forced to give up. Or am I? No, this whole situation is fucking bullshit.
  I cannot begin to imagine What comes within this baggage Friendship! What a slippy, messy slope?!! A non-romantic relationship Where two hearts begin to elope
Rape Beat Kill Four letter words that happen in Jail Packed in like sardines in a can While trying to fix what is wrong with society Trapped in cages like battered animals We boast about
You who never cease, Breaking the heart of another keep taking another piece, as if it wasn't a bother. night and day goes by, as that child you bully,could very we'll die.
  Don’t speak the truth, but don’t be a liar At least, that’s how Mommy says I should be She says it’s the only way To explain my black and blue shoulders and knees  
"I like a long-haired, thick red bone", he saysas he yanks her, drags her, and spreads her legs.Her mouth is sewn shut, but her body screams, "more!"because her man on the screen showers her in Gucci and Couture.
Tattered and torn. Beaten and scorned. Rejected, neglected,  Abandoned when born. Surrender and yield; Potential concealed. Abused, misused Wounded, now healed. Underestimated.
understand me don't overlook me yet some people prefer to underestimate me but i'm over that   she's misunderstood she wants to be Ms. Understood but she has really bad relationship issues
I am Frankenstein’s monster— a tired traveler yearning to break free from this cage, this lonely overpopulated world. Here, I stand in a crowded grocery store listening to people yell and
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