What comes with friendship?



I cannot begin to imagine

What comes within this baggage

Friendship! What a slippy, messy slope?!!

A non-romantic relationship

Where two hearts begin to elope

Write down your passions and seal it with a kiss

Send it down to the river in a envelope

Cast  it, far, far away 


I have seen what will come of it's dimiss

In such a cruel, arid world

You cannot take a friend, wear her and take her out for a swirl

She is helpless to your fanning lies

And you are part of her flaring demise

I pity you and oh so dispise

You're a purid wretched little soul

Who burns a hole through my skin


They use her

Take her for granted

Until she's gone

Yet to be sighted.

Now, let the games begin!!!

She is called upon to do our bidding.


She is not a punching bag

Who you can take all your frustration out on

No puns, metaphors or similies

Just a straight ended sword

Past the the point of no return

She is not a door mat

Waiting patiently for your disposal





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