overcoming obstacles

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Let this ugly blessed be a lesson for me... May it teach me everything your testing  Manifest this blessing 
I still remember…That night…I was only fourThe bright stars shone through the glistening dark seasI hugged my father for the last timeFelt the touch of his hands for the last time
When you went away, I dreamt of the sun drenched mornings we spent together, and I thought of the smell of the sea in your wet hair and the glint of sand on your skin as I watched you drive us home,
Hitting a brick and cannot find my way.Financial issues is hitting a dead end.Teased to point that nothing in life matters.On the brick of light of life. Where is my American Dream?Lost? Found? or Neither?
Humans are incredible creatures. Plagued by chronic hardships, It would be effortless to allow our demeanors to become Calloused and rough, like the Texture of weary hands that have worked tirelessly.
You’re on a rock. You don’t know how you got there or maybe you do; regardless your there. You might’ve faced a great tragedy you can’t accept, or just a great dilemma you can’t figure out a solution to.
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