Sweaty palms. Intense lights. Made me who I am today.


Sweaty palms. Intense lights. Silence flew over the crowd



A rush of adrenaline sweeps over me,



My heart beat seems abnormally loud






The trail of eyes follow through the darkness



The darkness captures faces who no longer can be seen



My words flow gracefully out into the open



My soul feels finally free.






And so I am morphed into another body



Less familiar than my own



But I strive to make the person come alive



I strive to make their presence known






It is not an easy task to take



But surely you progress



It isn’t everyday one replaces their identity for another



As a way to express and relive stress






Sweaty palms. Intense lights. Made me who I am today



Without the stage I’d be a mess



Much thanks and gratitude to this day.






Overcoming the bumps along the road



I worked hard to be where I am



Flawless seems to be the powerful term



For the growth of independence who made me who I am


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