Humans are incredible creatures.

Plagued by chronic hardships,

It would be effortless to allow our demeanors to become

Calloused and rough, like the

Texture of weary hands that have worked tirelessly.

Yet, deep within our bodies,

Beyond our fragile skin

And tucked behind our

Breakable bones,

There is an indestructible force

That swells in the face of suffering,

Anneals in the throes of affliction,

And provides footholds for weathered, worn feet

To persist against their peril.

Each human has this force securely tucked

Into the recesses of their being.

And when jostled, it awakens,

Acting like a buoy to keep our heads

Above viscious, ceaseless waves

That try, to no avail, to sink us.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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