Once upon Cinderella on Social Media

Cinderella left the ball in a flurry

Leaving only a glass slipper behind

Prince Charming was searching for her

But not to worry


Through some quick facebook searches

And Instagram too,

The prince found her easily

“Cinderella” was her name


There was no region wide search

No confusion

No slipper trying on

She was found extremely easily


He contacted her easily

“Hey I’m the prince from last night”

He asked her to meet up

And she agreed excitedly


It was a fantastic first date

But things simply weren’t meant to be

They had little in common

Despite their chemistry


Through meeting thoroughly

They did not marry in a hurry

Prince Charming did not have this bride

And Cinderella moved on


Believe it or not,

The two lived happily apart

Cinderella found a hard working man

And Prince found a delicate wife to boot



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