My Daughter and Only Mine

Roses in the garden today are red

Voilets in the garden today are blue

Wishes in the garden today is a child

Blessings in the garden today is a child in my womb that grew


A daughter was born to me

Oh the garden today was bright

I had never been happier

Even though I was a witch, I was a witch of the light


Then one dark day

Drunk men came to me

They took my daughter away

Why couldn't they leave me be


My only joy and light was gone

Those men took her away from me, then

I made a vow that day to myself and chant it out

Nobody and I mean nobody shall steal from me again!


As the time past, my garden grew

For the garden was all I had

Then one day a man came and stole from me

To his defefense he was just a worried dad


My vow came to play

For nobody and I mean nobody shall steal from me again! You see

So I made a deal with him from stealing from my garden

I let him take the plant but I then take his child to be


Oh a great and glorious day

The child was a girl and she was now mine

This time I will take better care of her

I will make sure she will be safe from those swine


So I took us away

Up to a tower so far away

She will never leave my sight

For she was my daughter and only mine, okay?


What beauty she grew to be

Just like my daughter before

So I name her Rapenzel

Over the plant her father took from me, which for me was a score


Oh Rapenzel let down your hair

Let me come to you from you and not from a vine

Oh Rapenzel, I love you, and I only wanted to protect you

You are my daughter and only mine


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