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Let America be America again. Let it be the true plan we believed-- We should have left America alone to be a native home. We invaded a village of teepees and buffaloes,   (America was a true native home)
America the Great. America the Beatiful. America the Ignorant. America the Hateful.   Something's not right here, I'm losing my mind here. Why is it, a gay man walks down the street
We came to this new world scared, we came in the cold of night lost, oppressed, and we left our handprints and footprints on every soil and water way
Since age 5 I've recited the pledge, Day after day. It never made me feel any certain way.
Tell me the Story of America I don't mean the story of red, white, and blue I mean the story of those with skin of a different hue Taught to be ashamed
I believe in the land of the free and the home of the brave, I believe in it so much that I am willing to give my life for it, I believe in seeing no color, seeing no gender, seeing only my brothers and sisters,
  From the start we were a bold child, undaunted and wild; undefiled by the structured chains of a developed bureaucracy.  
WiTh lIbErTy and JuSTicE fOR AlL   is what many refuse to say, how can an old message become less true,  our president wanting to get back to old roots, sadly his trees are losing fruit, Muslim Bans,
People wonder what we can do to make America great, How we about let opposite opinions debate, How about we not fill our disagreements rage, and stop treating people like wild animals in a cage
A dangerously beautiful display Of wild devotion and the will to act Has moved the souls of tiny men today To change the world, to make a Faustian pact: They paid for freedom, each their own, it seems,
Oh, beautiful for spacious skies That contrast with constricting lands, As we deny our brothers  And sisters access to the promise land. Amber trails of blood Taint our past  And our future.
Reading and writing, They become a difficulty. The public is lacking Some type of literacy   Misreading the news, Refusing to listen.
They tell me education is the key to success the key that will get me out this mess the key that will present me with a new dress, walk and flow about me. Present me as "Doctor" instead of "Mister"
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