Customer to My Own Education


Business of America
United States

They tell me education is the key to success

the key that will get me out this mess

the key that will present me with a new dress,

walk and flow about me.

Present me as "Doctor" instead of "Mister"

and society tells me if I don't want that then

I will end up just another loser.

So why not pursue higher education?

They say we promise you high paying careers

so you don't have to worry about your own finances.

You get all this and more

so come follow me through these doors

and by the age of twenty four

you'll have a masters that will help

you advance to magnificent chapters.

But before you walk this first floor let

me tell you a little bit more about this

payment we call for that might give you an eyesoar

and by the time that you're a sophomore

we expect to kick you out that front door

and you will forever more be living outdoors.

So you can have all this and more

for a yearly payment of forty four.

Add three zeros to that and we'll like that.

So please reply back so you can start cutting back.


I am an African American male,

so what other choices do I have,

either be in jail or serve Lobster Tail.

The American Dream is a business with

franchises that include prisons, ALEC corporation

partners, and sadly colleges.

The fact that education is a business is digusting.


The fact that I am  expected to pay an arm

and a leg and possibly go into debt for a piece

of paper that tells people that I deserve more net

is a disgrace.

In America The Great, where I

am more likely to catch a case than to graduate.

But America embraces.

They love to see families like mine starve

because it only makes me go hard to

make sure my mother and father have

their own backyards.

So i'm sorry to bombard

but to have people be a customer to

their own education will only go so far.

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My community
My country
Our world
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