Liberty and Justice for WHO?

WiTh lIbErTy and JuSTicE fOR AlL


is what many refuse to say,

how can an old message become less true, 

our president wanting to get back to old roots,

sadly his trees are losing fruit,

Muslim Bans,

Liberty and Justice for Who?

Institutional Racism,

Liberty and Justice for Who?

Deletion of Obamacare,

Liberty and Justice for WHO?

Meanwhile "jobs are being created"

but gas prices are inflated,

and you wonder why people are so hostile...

Everyone who voted Trump regrets it,

So while he's "Making America Great Again,"

I'm pretty sure thousands of US citizens

want to bring his presidency to an early end...


Veterans are leaving the service,

Homeless without many benefits,

Taxes removed from the rich,

while student loan debt is killing low income citizens,

Pre Existing conditions

The thought has me SICKENED

But there is nerve to utter WiTH liBeRTy aNd jUsTicE FoR aLL...


so why is there still any talk about buiding a wall?


why does black lives matter exist?


why are std's at an all time high risk?

why can't parenthood be PLANNED?

why are there so many problems for individuals?

They expect us to say "Liberty and Justice for All"

but that Liberty and Justice can't be found,

Still think America's great?,

Open your third-eye and take a good look around.


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My country
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