a relationship with jesus christ

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Words can be a blessing Or they can be a curse They can make your day the best Or make is seem the worst They can bring you joy But also bring you sorrow So be careful what you say,
I pierced you with my spear of sin, You shed for me your blood of love... For l am yours.   When I tumed away, You called me by name... For I am yours.  
Disappear into the billowing ashesof the shell of the former,Galvanized by the chaotic world.Jettison values of oldTo adapt to the cruelty of the human mind.
All hail to a noble Saviour of low birthwho lies in a cradle surrounded by beasts.The chants of joy and gladness from all the earthmark his lowly birth with wonderful feasts.
I know who I am.
Changing yourself, just to better yourself, just to destroy yourself in the end. Now, your strugging to find the beginning. But, where did you begin?
Jesus, as your purchased child of the most high God, we come before your throne : Hear are pleas father are hearts have been ripped apart by the things of this world. Lord you did the impossible when you went spread eagle on the wooden cross.
Written by: Mario Vitale We all walk on a loose line that leads to debris Silence Etched in the fabrication through the elapse in time, The Lilley of the valley the bright & morning star/
There are these lines in my head that continue to be drawn but they don't make anything, if anything I'm just seeing things. but these lines keep getting added dashed and scattered in no constant pattern.
Your love has wrapped around me, like a quilt fabricated of the never-ending world, There is a song that you sing, a voice soft as silk, and sweet as honey, My fathers arms have held me tight,
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