For I Am Yours

I pierced you with my spear of sin,

You shed for me your blood of love...

For l am yours.


When I tumed away,

You called me by name...

For I am yours.


I crowned you with thorns of transgressions,

You crowned me your princess...

For I Am yours.


When I was a formless piece of clay,

You moulded me in your likeness...

For i am yours.


I sunk into the valley of sorrows,

You held my hand and brought me back...

For I am yours.


When my heart was torn apart,

You sewed them back with threads of gold...

For i am yours.


I sat crying in despair,

You came and wiped my tears...

For I am yours. 


When my enemies threw their arrows at me,

You shielded me under your wings...

For I am yours. 


Everyone who I thought was mine left me,

And you whispered into my ears,


For I am yours lord... I am yours. 


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