Outlined Mind

There are these lines in my head that continue to be drawn but they don't make anything, if anything I'm just seeing things. but these lines keep getting added dashed and scattered in no constant pattern. My thoughts seem fractured broken unnatural my mind is stuck in the supernatural dying and captured. I'm alone but I'm actually not my arms are weak my hands are bloody I no longer have a grip here I go... No, don't you understand the lines in your mind are my scars every time you sin I take another lash and I take this pain for you who I made from ash. Quit living masked, quit thinking about the complexity of what I am and focus on the greatness of who I am. I am almighty, I am unstained, I am a fire burning in and out of time untamed. before and after you I remain I am God but I give you the time of day I sit with you and listen to the words you say and even when you push me away. I still lay with you when you cry because you feel unworthy and truth is you never will be but look at me and I'll show you something lovely. The lines continue but their no longer black and white they are colored in and refined being placed distinctly and perfectly making a picture of a perfect me with a perfect king. It took so long but I now understand my name is irrelevant but can you define irrelevance. To be unconnected to or not be relevant. But I refuse to be relevant and partake in a world of consequence. It's not just what I am that matters I am a Christian and God loves me yes I'm flattered. But we must also know who we are, because it is in this world that we will discover who we are we will mess up and screw up we will raise and set the bar and it doesn't really matter if your best or worst second or first because, by sin our we are cursed. Our accomplishments won't matter but what does is our spiritual thirst though our life seems repetitive, just one big cycle, rehearsed I'd rather be in heaven than in hell lookin at my body in a hearse so go set a reminder that this this world is made of time but the place I'm going is so sublime making the things this world had to offer seem just another chime in time, not even a prime grape from the grape vine making the drink less than mediocre wine. However this world is just a bridge on your Everest clime to a place outside of time.But don't listen to the art of every rhyme I tend to rhyme. Hear me out, one day we all will die some will will go up and fly others you're life will become undefined so quit focusing on what you are. Who am I? I am nothing more than a follower of Christ.


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Our world


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