A Song for My Saviour

Tue, 12/27/2016 - 23:16 -- jxxh

Your love has wrapped around me,

like a quilt fabricated of the never-ending world,

There is a song that you sing,

a voice soft as silk, and sweet as honey,

My fathers arms have held me tight,

when I felt alone and lost in the midsts of the night,

I do not recall feeling scared knowing that he is there for me,

but in my moments of doubt I have felt the kiss of an angels wings wipe away tears,

that have found their way rolling down my cheeks,

Love may have let my heart down one or two times,

but twas my lord that picked me up,

and lay me where I need be,

A trust scooped into my mind like a singers voice,

nervous for an opening performance,

A genuine connection,

caught between the darkness of the world,

but bright enough to keep me strong on my worst nights,

This epitimy of grace has called my name as I try ridding the world of my existence,

His song of love has welcomed me into a world of hope,

a world of living freely,

to show that with him, 

I am never truly alone,

but I am happily devoting my abilities to spread his love,

his healing,

and his word.

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