'life' 'love' 'emotions' 'deep' 'friendship' 'depression' 'sad'

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Dear Jalen,
Will this ever be my home? I wish I could stop the isolation and the constant feeling of being alone. I can’t snap out of this zone and the feeling of my heart turning cold and hard like a brick stone.
I spilt my life in the hands I thought of trust How could you leave me here when I needed you the most? I thought of you as the one who understood me more.
Nothing could ever prepare me for what was waiting at the end of our tunnel.
once upon a generation in my tower long locks it mirrors my contempt  and my view is limited  i do not see anything more than lonely wood but it is not lonely that is only me
How do you know you are in love? Is it something you feel on you, that protects you and envelopes you, like a glove? Is it like a dove? Flying high in the sky? Or is it none of the above?
A rocket waits to fly From its launchpad In the living room. Helmet on, radio in hand, Two explorers approach.   One room over
Trying to spill my emotions on paper like tears spill on my soul; Tears stain all my papers. My heart is paper thin. Why did I let you in? My conscious is sleeping, so please do not wake her.
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they say that the most giving people, give what want given to them most.   all of my life i've given attention.  i listened to others' stories. i heard their pleas for 
Pasts can be difficult ones to overcome I hear talking about them can help I am told I have a tendency to bottle everything up That one day I will just explode I admit, I do put up a lot of emotions
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