Once upon a time in my tower

once upon a generation

in my tower

long locks

it mirrors my contempt 

and my view is limited 

i do not see anything more than lonely wood

but it is not lonely

that is only me

but it does not matter

I disconnect and reconnect 

disconnect and reconnect

my mind becomes lost in my gifts that make me unsuitable to be around

or so they say

the numbing in my hands

and feet

it says do not go near

but it is unreasonable

like a wicked witch 

No sleep guides my wicked habits

no eating keeps me small

i just wait for the day i can leave

so my life can start again

eventhough my gift tells me it is all in vain 

i know i have a lot to gain

so from my tower i look out 

brushing my locks

locks full of troubles

gifts from my gift

i wait for royalty to love me 

i wait for that sweet release

but i am not alone in this tower

i have thousands in the same

lost and not found

not helped

and kept captive by the wicked witch

and our gift


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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I made this peom about Anxiety, something most of our generation suffers from.

most of us dont really get treated, and people(mostly older people) take is as some

excuse to be "lazy"
the older generation tells us that our mental illnesses are fake, but then they are

the ones who are the cause of them (most of the times anyways)
and all our generation can do is try to get away and help ourselves however we can

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