My once called friend

I spilt my life in the hands I thought of trust

How could you leave me here when I needed you the most?

I thought of you as the one who understood me more.

Just like that you walk away

No goodbye, not a thing to say

I gave you all my tears and bad days

Giving me the impression that you would be there

Now, you are gone and what am I supposed to say?

I have your secrets too and I will never give them away

You have suddenly changed

What happened to the person I first met?

Now I realize, that you were never a friend

Betraying my trust and spilling out everything I said

How could you? I have always been honest with you

Not one lie has ever spilled from my mouth

Everything I said was filled with hurt and sadness

I am hurt to see our friendship end this way

But I see now, the choice you have made

Goodbye forever, my once called friend.


This poem is about: 
My community


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