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I wake up in the shimmery light Of the early sun’s sigh. The rays pour in through the open blinds Tiny crystals dance and flutter to and fro Another morning in darling Arizona.
dear mountain standard time   the desert is in itself an oasis, an escape from the monotony of trees and grass that plague the forest valley   they are all i have ever known, truly
Well if they knew that we were political, We'd be done for.   Because they helped build new york But people from new york are broken themselves. And in spite of their open arms
Sometimesbefore you arriveI imagine the drivethe dusty windsroads blown sand blindthe breath hot desertred upon your backthe drown of dripping sweata mirage, a swimming lake
I put my feet to the street I've never felt a heat,like this,my souls(soles) melt with each step I take,I wanna make a break, and run for it,like Run Forest!but
Black and whiteEveryday black and whiteShirt, shoes, pants Maybe there's greyBut never in the skyAlways sunny, sunny, sunnybleh
There's something odd about a cold girl from Colorado who yearns for the Arizona sun Who loves the twang of Kenny Chesney but also the rasp of Kendrick Lamer
standing in the dirt road seeing the orange yellow sun slowly take cover benind the Arizona hills as night slowly takes over.
I prize my gift from the sun, the smooth ebony blanket that trails in my path. It bears the token of my progress, like a toll booth of past endowments, always full of unanswered prayer.  
Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's DayWritten by Adam M. SnowOh sweltering is summer's day of bliss,
Zimmerman shot the gun before he could think.
My soul succumbs
 Cool sunset flows Making golden rivers run over hope-smoothed rocks Vibrant colors sharp in the sky Pink like hope Fading blue like faith Deep kindness, rustic orange Golden glories
kicking dust as i move ahead, instead of getting down and dirty. i could, but i’m more of an insider as you can see these sounds; the synergy of cooperation and contemplation
A seemingly prolonged drive Delivers a miraculous surprise That is hard to find during the scorching heat.   Refreshing air engulfs your body.
Lalalala I don't know what to do really. I don't know if to rhyme I don't know if to squeeze I don't know....that's something I frequent. Science is my game And the more I learn, the less I know.
I concur. If it's against my religion, it should be illegal. And while we're passing laws, let's make divorce illegal, and premarital sex, and tattoos and drugs and alcohol
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