The Capital of the World is my Home Town

Well if they knew that we were political,

We'd be done for.


Because they helped build new york

But people from new york are broken themselves.

And in spite of their open arms

Are very spitful, so we challenge


We created a race,

To race.

To win,

By ourselves.


If you go far people will follow, 

But what if you reach the end?

Would you go back?

Or would you continue to conqure the world!


I say YES to all!


Because I am equal.

If Equality can be true, and only truth can create justice.

So yes the race is real, 

And yes I am as well.

Because I have gone far following 

The bird before me,

And the belief below.


Now if you go back, 

Your words will follow,

Your actions will bellow

And you will Roar!


But stay comfortable;

Only truth and realism stay 

Real until the cow moo for more.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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