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The only thing I regret Is no telling you I love you The second I knew I did I chose to wait and It costed me you Our relationship was doomed Before it began The day you told me 
It all starts out with a misunderstanding, and then a mistake that will never come to be learned from. It all starts with the little bits of change.
I miss the mystery that you once were When there was so much still left to uncover I miss first realising the bond we had A connection unlike any other
Breaking glass shatteres on the floor, My life I can feel no more, every action a stone, every tear alone, thundering evermore. I try to escape, to drown out the hate, to undo what I have done,
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words will never hurt me, Is what they told me long ago But now I find that it averts me.  
Dear Regret,   My old friend, a shadow that I claim as me, In your dark shroud and embrace I sought refuge For too long, trying to find the answers to destiny,
Dear Boundless Lament of Remorse and Regret,   My feelings of sorrow are something that will only get more bittersweet with age. Like a fine wine or display china, the quality and pricelessness due to the rarity, 
To the me I never was:   It’s my fault you aren’t here, it is. I didn’t take that turn. I didn’t dance that night. I never tried with him. I never wrote that book.
I'm so sorry For how I treated you  Why was I so critical? I saw ever mistake I made When I looked at you Now shattered, our relationship is Please help me, piece it back together.
i drown in my ocean of regret sinking lower with every passing moment it has gotten so cold  i cant feel anything deeper and deeper i sink i sit on the ocean floor talking to the fish
Remember the way... Soft lips, Cherry balm,
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