Missing Our Beginning

I miss the mystery that you once were
When there was so much still left to uncover
I miss first realising the bond we had
A connection unlike any other

I miss skipping sleep to talk to you
And we'd talk all through the night
I miss thinking of jokes I could share with you
When we could finally reunite

I miss knowing I was always on your mind
And just thinking about me made your day
I miss the knowledge that all I had to do was be there
For all your troubles to simply melt away

I miss pretending the world was non-existent
Because the only one that mattered was you
But if missing was enough to turn back the clock
Believe me
It's the first thing I'd do

Back then I'd be your sanctuary
I'd not have to wonder about how you feel
It's disturbing that things are so different now
It's crazy what time can reveal

I miss the certainty you'd never ignore me
Or do anything to send hurt my way
But it's no use denying things are different now
And unlikely to ever be the same

I wish I could express to you how sorry I am
But that ship is long past sailed
And I know you've already forgiven me
But I'll carry this regret to the grave

Guess now we're back to being strangers
It's come full circle again
I can't say I'm happy with how things are
I'm just grateful that it's not the end

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