I Am Sorry

It all starts out with a misunderstanding, and then a mistake that will never come to be learned from.

It all starts with the little bits of change.

The moments of strangeness when you realize it is all...over? 

It all begins with the smile that dies, cold, fragile and unforgiving.

And all apologies sound like bullets.

The sweet sound coming from gritted teeth. 


Can you even apologize, to the dead?


What is the purpose of cutting open your heart on a gravestone and paying prices with your tears, what is the meaning of saying that you are sorry over and over, only to make yourself feel better? 


How do you tell them that you are sorry when they can’t hear you?


Do you yell at the void of the night sky?


Do you scream into the fire and hope the flames deliver the message?


Or do you just wish?


Do you just wish that you opened your mouth sooner?


Regret is a funny thing…


Now all you can hear when they say they're sorry is gunfire…


What is the purpose to apologizing to the dead if it’s only to make you feel better? 


Not like they will hear you… 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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