An Old Friend

Dear Regret,


My old friend, a shadow that I claim as me,

In your dark shroud and embrace I sought refuge

For too long, trying to find the answers to destiny,

And all I get in return is sadness, in large quantities you deluge.


You’re a part of me now, someone I can’t forget.

Of course, you won’t let me; it’s too much fun!

You rear your ugly head, a menacing threat,

And force your remembrance upon me; you believe you won.


Nothing quells you, with your brimming effervescence,

Overriding basic function and doing as you please

The vividness of each memory, as you establish dominance,

Not even the bottle is a cure for your disease.


I attack you day and night, hoping to break through,

To erase you and shine light through your brutal darkness.

But your reign of power is too strong because you’re justified, it’s true,

I don’t want to forget, even if it makes me helpless.


You see, you hold the key – and you know it – to wisdom,

As it is the only light that could come emanate from your gloom.

Forcing yourself upon me at every turn, bringing me into your kingdom

Of forgotten times, the good and bad, and the forbidden room.


The forbidden room: code for “never to be thought in its entirety”,

“Never to be spoken in complete truth”, only enough to know the facts.

I’m never allowed in, but you, Regret, give to me anxiety

When you remind me these memories are shared with someone through acts.

You know this, and it’s your blackmail; but you shall not stop.

It’s your nature to let it grow and fester – the maggot you are;

Eating away at my mind, my compass, you come in for another drop

Of memories, of feelings, things I’ve learned from but see the scars.


My old friend, a shadow that I claim as me,

Your dark shroud and embrace has been chipped away

But only slightly, because while you are my enemy,

You are vital; you give me the reason to seize the day.


Life is finite and memories are plenty, they’re our fuel.

We are co-dependents, but neither have learned our place.

You are my balance, so my life can have that continuous duel

And in the end, we will espouse our learnings together, with grace.



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