Greet The Day poetry slam

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I am The pitter patter of raindrops On a window pane.   Where days pass Like drops of rain In a storm.  
24 hours in a day Too few, I say Five to Sleep and Eight for School With Ten hours left, not cool.   I’m at an age Where work fills the rest of today’s page On a good day, an hour to read
There's an ember in my heart, One of burning passion, It ignites every morning, And reverts to its sparkiling state overnight, And like clockwork, I forget every night when I close my eyes,
Morning and I don’t get along She makes my muscles weak and my eyelids heavy I could live without her.   But I’ll tolerate her for scrambled eggs and bacon
Getting up and going out in the morning is hard when the sun isn’t up yet and I have to wait out in the cold at the bus stop. Time passes quickly though, Because I know I’ll feel better by Noon.  
The day begins and my eyes shine I see sunlight coming through my blinds A familiar face appears in my head And makes me get up and out of bed He is telling me to change and put on my shoes
No need for alarm when the sun is present My energies are replenished as I drink its golden dew the smell of a new day arises awakening the will to do more how can it exlain it when there  is  not much to?
As the sun rises over the mountians, I too must rise. I greet the day with sleep clouded eyes, And tangled bed head. Even so, I look forward to each day.   Every day is a blessing,
The sun is so powerful Bright with extra radiant  Extraordinary light illuminates the sky The light kisses my face Oh how I feel the warmth of its embrace I open my eyes 
I drag myself out of bed, groggy and disheveled, and greet the morning with it's slap on my face. Acheing with the sleep deprevation from late-night homework. I crawl to the bathroom
I wake up for the sun for the future  for the fun I wake up for everything    I wake up for the lovely for the bliss  for the family I wake up for everything   
   Sit down sorrowful eyes   mind open  hopeless cry   Die here    or  write now      Love is molecule gas    writing, floating air   Writing
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