Twenty-Four Hours Too Soon

24 hours in a day

Too few, I say

Five to Sleep and Eight for School

With Ten hours left, not cool.


I’m at an age

Where work fills the rest of today’s page

On a good day, an hour to read

A good book is a victory indeed.


My rule of thumb

Is to have a positive outcome

By being in the black

And avoiding the red track


I see the morning

Not as a warning

Rather as a chance

To learn, earn and advance.


Time waits for no one

So I have to limit my fun.

Law School is no joke

And I have seen many choke.


I feel the noon

Time for a quick meal

Day’s always half done too soon

Hm, Chicken, beef...maybe veal


As my Father always said

Early means “on time”

On time means “late,” and late means “dead”

Got to run, there’s the work chime.


Vertical lines mark the end

As the light does descent

Below the distant edge

As it surrenders that loft ledge


I smell the dusk

The lingering fumes and damp musk

An hour on the subway

Cramped, noisy and in efficient disarray

Up four flights, then up some more

Insert key, turn until click, and then pull the door

Flip the lights and toss the bag

The moon now rose like a flag


I hear the night

As crickets chirp with all their might

And traffic noise soon fades

Across and to the distant Palisades


A simple meal of salad greens

Some tomatoes, cut cucumbers and cooked fava beans

Placed next to an open book

Flip the page and have look


Review what happened during class

A couple of cases on constitutional trespass

Some Relevancy rules and a long corporations’ case

Law school is definitely a marathon, not a race


As time ticks by

I cannot deny

That sleeping would be best

I truly cannot do without rest


Set my clock to Five A.M.

Check to see the program

Some reality show, the debate and an the news

Nothing good to choose


Nothing beats a soft bed

Two pillows to lay a weary head

A warm blanket to wrap around

And a dark room with no sound


Dreams of success

Nightmares of fears and distress

Thoughts of school and work mix

With history, science and legal politics


But of course it doesn’t last

Because the night goes by too fast

Here it is the tell-tale ring

Of a new day beginning


Still dark at five

The city is just coming alive

A cold shower to wake

And a quick breakfast to make


Have to shave that daily stubble

Go over twice to avoid future trouble

Pick a pressed suit and a firm tie

Check my watch and look towards the sky


I watch as the light comes over the hills

That sight truly kills

Reddish-gold floods the dark

As deer run through the nearby park


I thank the sun

For what it has done

To illuminate such a view

What better way to wake anew?


So I greet the day with a smile

Waiting for new experiences to compile

With the 18 hours, 22 minutes and 6seconds I have left

Oh wait! Today I have an Evidence test


Grab my shoes and down the stairs

Back on the car, of course no empty chairs.

Well at least the morning was great

Now the rest of day is up to fate.


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