Setting the World Ablaze

There's an ember in my heart,

One of burning passion,

It ignites every morning,

And reverts to its sparkiling state overnight,

And like clockwork,

I forget every night when I close my eyes,

That I was ever anyhting other than a living flame,

It is when I wake,

Desperate to follow the last dregs of sleep,

Desperate to bathe in a comforting warmth,

That I realize and remember,

It is nothing compared to my ember of ambition,

When the covers slip off,

And fall's chilly breath seeps into my bones,

Persuasive as it pushes me to extinguish my spark for comfort,

Alluring as my eyes droop further, 

It pushes and pushes and it takes and it takes,

Aiming to quench my heart's spark in its icy grip,

It is then when I finally wake,

When my body erupts in firey passion,

There are things to do,

People to help,

I cannot waste a single second falling victim to comfort,

Not when my dreams are afoot,

Not when I can set the world ablaze with my determination,

Not with my endless inferno of I can and I will do better,

It is then that I truly find alertness in a sleep numbed world

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