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I got in love with myself It's been a while Ever since I found out I was living in denial   Through the years I got stagnated Cherishing my only soul's company Closed to possibilities
Dear Creation,   I am at a crossroads with myself a sinner with high standards believing that someday I’ll find happiness with someone
    Dear Sgt. Tadeo, You were so real... you were everything I wasn't. I keep so much pain inside, guarding the one thing that was in my chest.
Why did she do that?Why would she do that when all he wanted to do was love her show her that all men aren't the same . She failed to realize that though she didn't see that because she blocked it on her own.Ignoring him while he will bring her fl
I'm faced with two contradictions that I know to be true. 1. Loyalty is priceless. 2. I want you... you want me.
Hurt, to cause physical pain or injury. Well according to Google definition. To me, hurt is more than just a google definition.  To me hurt is physical and mental. Hurt is an emotion. Hurt is a feeling.
She came to visit me last night, lips cracked, knuckles bleeding. She's off again, trembling with want. She's come to light a fire, come to steal my light. Her fingers find their way around my neck
How Dare you play upon my heart  a battered broken thingHow Dare you tread upon my hopes, my dreams Like you do so many forgotten thingsYou whisper I do it because I love you but, is that true?
Time is all I need. To mend, To fix, To love, To care, To learn, To grow strong and brave. All I need is time.
Their love is so fun, exciting and new, They say love is butterflies when looking at you, It’s refreshing, exhilarating, and honestly great, Few things can compare to their kind and sweet dates.
Water ripplesas the raindropsdrop down like bullets pelting us with no mercy.The rumble of the thunderin the distance,shakes like an earthquake.The crackling of the lightninghits home and
Easy is to love, enemies is to hate. Envy the good souls, who still stand at the gate, Of success.   Expression is to feelings, empty is to the heart.
Perhaps, In another life I stood a king. Or I just a slave. I was underneath the eagles's wing. Maybe, a sea-shell swept away; a wave.
Tears stream down her face She feels lost and perplexed Confused if it was her fault that you left Day turns into night And still she wonders why
You were an artist, your tongue the brush, my flesh the canvas, the colors of your paints changed over the course of time, from a bright red to blue, to purple, eventually fading to yellow and disappearing.
She gathered books like clouds and the words poured down like rain. She uses the everlasting storm to release her pain. Once the lightning strikes, the universe is yet at ease.
Hurt is what I see when I look into my eye I smile through everything and try to laugh through the pain I don't understand how someone could put you through all that pain
Step 1 Be emotionally stable.  For the most part, because lets be real, I'm a person, not a robot and ive lived a pretty good life so far Step 2 find someone who you genuinely enjoy and befriend them
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I close my eyes and scream,Wishing all these negative things would stop!Homies killing homies enemies are closer to me then my own family.Lookiong at my self!In the mirror,Gotta ask am i going crazy.Headed down a narrow road not knowing were it go
Fills me with pain this morning Tears cry until now, I'm with practice these rituals And cracked my inside victories to defeats when comes a flood pulse To salvation
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