Emotionless Feelings.

Easy is to love, enemies is to hate.

Envy the good souls, who still stand at the gate,

Of success.


Expression is to feelings, empty is to the heart.

Feeling nothing at all...seems so dark,

Causing hurt.


Pain is to the chest, Oh, this feelings the best.

Feeling happy all of a sudden then things went left,

Unwanted Stress.


Single is to useless, words of cruelness.

Feeling lonely and sad never felt so bad to the soul,

Sudden loneliness.


Stress is to worry, care is to pain,

Caring never hurted so much, worrying rather they love you or not,

Many feelings.


Love is to drugs, words is to stay,

Walking away just to come back to the promises,

Drugged emotion.


The feelings neutral,

Used emotions,

Learning what was taught.

Feeling less than yourself,

Maybe what was brought…..

To the turning tables of love.

Look up to what’s above,

Keep the heads high.

Only love is a drug.


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