My Marine



Dear Sgt. Tadeo,

You were so real... you were everything I wasn't.

I keep so much pain inside,

guarding the one thing that was in my chest.

The one thing no one could touch other than you.

Baring myself completely to you,

you held the one thing that keeps me alive

I grasp my sorrow and pain by holding your shirt that faintly smells like you.

The closest thing I have of you.

You left me,

You changed me.

Im something I never knew I could be.

You replaced that damaged heart left behind by my father with love.

Past my broken mind you fixed me piece by piece.

You taught me the meaning of love.

One summer it took.

One summer and I knew you were the man I would marry.

One look and I knew that you were the death of me.

And one phone call and you killed me...


You were so you're a dream.

A constant reminder of what I lost.

A cloud I reach for but could never touch again.

A phantom…

That one call that changed our lives.

My last sight of you was your back,

Walking towards the airport, I knew I was in your past.

They broke you within those three months.

You were never the same.

Your duty was the protect our country but what happened about me?

A letter a week turned into months.

Crying myself to sleep to cope with my half missing heart.

The Marines held the other half.

Out of all the people who could have ripped me to shreds,

Why on Earth did it have to be you?


You were so real...but now you’re not.

The last time I felt alive, was when I was looking into your big brown eyes.

Breathing the same air as you,

Touching your olive skin, smooth with no scars.

But you came home in that wooden box.

Sealed and closed forever ,

Never to be opened again.

The military killed my heart.

And covered it up with that flag that represents “Freedom”.

But little do they know

I am not Free,

I am lost,

And broken and alone.

Saying goodbye to the one person who kept me alive.

I wanted to end my life to be with you,

But I knew you were with “Him”.

I love you.

I miss you.

and I lost you.

But it was an honor to love you…

One day my love we will be

dancing in the sky as you hold me.

You will forever hold my heart Regie.

Rest In Peace baby I know your starting down at me.


With All My Heart,


Grazyna Daniels


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