autism acceptance

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Rock, Twist, Tap, Clap Click your pen. Rub your hair. Spin in a circle. Flap your hands. It’s okay. It’s normal.
Growing up it was hard To grow up you have to find that glow But in a world where everything has to be ‘normal’ Where do you go?   How to start?
10 years old is for cars  for tire swings, spelling bees, and candybars  10 years old is not for hospital lobbies not for scans of imperfect bodies  you’re different, but that’s fine, they said
What is wrong with certain words or how it is used? Around the world, all people have languages. They also have words that come with them. Certain words and certain uses of words cause harm.
When words come out of my mouth, they fall flat. Nobody listens.   When I pick up a pencil Or tap on some keys I have a voice that Swoops and dives Stops and starts
God created Autism for a new view of the world. God created Autism to change people's way of thinking of others. God created Autism to prove that if you have a label you aren’t just that.
Where are you when you start to wander off? Away from us. away from everything that we call reality. Your reality may be different but it may be that you are just misinterpreted by people that don't understand you.
Listen Perhaps I will never speak the same as you Perhaps my sign is not enough for you But that doesn’t mean I cannot communicate   Listen
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