The R-Word

What is wrong with certain words or how it is used?

Around the world, all people have languages.

They also have words that come with them.

Certain words and certain uses of words cause harm.

It causes a unique individual to become the duckling from fairy tales.

Just as actions matter, words matter too.

Calling someone stupid is just as bad as saying a racial slur.

Regardless of intentions, there is an impact when

A word is received by a person.

Like a bullet from a gun, a word, in a certain context, from a language

Can lower a person's status to anything below a human being.

Is someone different a person or what?

Make up your mind, people!

There is no need to be zombies or robots.

Conformity makes the problem worse.

Bulls do not care whether their insults make any sense.

They only want to do whatever they do by impulse or instinct.

Logic is one thing, but feelings are another.

Like chocolate and vanilla ice cream, they are complimentary.

Calling someone a degrading name isolates him or her.

Hate is effective when used wisely,

But when used to commit harm, there is destruction in it.

Try understanding and compassion in the manner of healthy food.

It is good for everyone!

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