Grow Up Normal But Glow Up Special

Growing up it was hard

To grow up you have to find that glow

But in a world where everything has to be ‘normal’

Where do you go?


How to start?

How to end?

What do you do when no one understands.


The boy I care for.

The boy I love.

My brother, may be different.

However, he’s always been ‘normal’ to us.


My glow came the day I stood up for him.

No one would mistreat him just because of their views on ‘them’

On the autistic, on the handicap, or special needs.

My glow up happened because I grew up to protect him.


The younger sibling I was...

But for him, I grew older.

To be the guide and protector.

To be stronger.

I didn’t ask for the responsibility...

But I grew to love it.


He gave me my sense of the world.

A love for those who are different.

He made me grow up but glow up too.

No longer was I girl.

I was a woman who knew ‘they’ would always be special…

Like me and you.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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