creative expression

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Distractions help ease the pain of constant thoughts. Keep busy.Safe. As the pain and heart break ease, so do the distractions.No more painting. Drawing. Creative outlooks.
On the Tube  The great city that is London ,Connecting,Making it possible for the masses to get everywhere,Commuting. Going here, there and everywhere,People are like ants,Non-stop movement,Seems a little pants  Yet without the inhabitants what wo
We see who we are, Daily,We move forward, internet,Technology . This is the way things seem to be,Functionality,Yet we are more than our daily lives,Genetically  Looks, build, hair, eyes,Physically,Behaviours, attitudes , Personality. Traits, beha
I know it's not right, Know it's not fair, Make a decision, Don't seem to wear.   Consider myself a good soul, Liked by all, Friendships a many, Often the last to call.  
Didn't start out this way, There was love, Laughter, happiness, Many crazy days.   Hedge jumping, apple scrumping, Door knocking, Brooking jumping, Hatton visiting, Kiss chasing.  
Been this way, Ever and an age, Stuck in the headlights, Yet it's the day.   Busy am I, Tirelessly, Making things work, Unproductively.   Treading water,
Online match, We both swiped right, Could of been left, Sigh, I didn't see the catch.   Meeting for first drink, Totaly mystery, Nerves, anxious, and misery, Absolute pure clarity.
Often around, When you was small, Low birth weight, ear operations,  You went through it all.   Life became normal, For you then, Infant school calling, Forever grinning.  
Being the oldest, Of all three, You took charge, Immediately.   Care,  Material Support, Yet not, Emotional Legacy.   Tells me, You are suffering, Despair,
Starting out full of love, Alert & playful, Sometimes lonely too, A dark cloud on the horizon.   It start so early, Difficult to tell, When the madness began,
Wake up in a tearful mess, Locus of control, upside down,  Minds a racing, Head trumping to the sound of despair.   Fighting to grip reality, White knuckle ride, Pure insanity,
Laying like a corpse,  Dawn of a new day, Familiar sinking feeling, Feeling full of dread.   Struggling to get up, Herculean in effort, The emptyiness is familiar, Head for the shower.
I know it's not right, I know its not fair, Every time you look that way, I just can't bare   You flick a switch,  becomes so bright Only you can douse the flames of desire, 
Self-expression is something that has always been difficult for me. I never know the right words to say so others can truly see the troubles that I face and the emotions that I feel.
I recently wrote my first poetry book and I thought I would share it with the poetry community. If you would like to support it you can type in Gissel Grizzle or Untold Verses into the Amazon search.I'm not able to post the link here.
 I was depressed at a young age, Becoming a new person every day, Never crying, emotions looking for a way out. It came to me three quarters into sixth grade. I paused from running away to stare at a golden page.
Scratch our story into skin flip my pages thin you’ll never forget me.   Justify my every move to conform to nothing in my naked mind.   You assure me I’m alive
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