On The Tube

On the Tube  The great city that is London ,Connecting,Making it possible for the masses to get everywhere,Commuting. From north to south, east to west,Amazing,The tentacles of the myriad of carriages,Engineering. Yet without the inhabitants what would they be,Vacating,It’s the people that makes up these tubes,Squeezing . Full of life, assortments of characters too,Choking,Lack of eye contact , no one dares utters a word, communicating  How can it be so many of thee, Silently,Nervously Glance off to their own worlds,Dreaming  Empty souls of a packed tube,Darkening,Looking liked a lonely child,Scolding. Occasional eye contact from passengers close by,Avoiding,Forced smile of a constraint kind,Difficulty. The journey ends as it begins,Walking,Everyone headed home,Socialising     


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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