Dsyfucntional Relationship

Online match,

We both swiped right,

Could of been left,

Sigh, I didn't see the catch.


Meeting for first drink,

Totaly mystery,

Nerves, anxious, and misery,

Absolute pure clarity.


Alarm bells go off in my head,

Pulling at heart strings,


'Get out of the there'.


Heavenly body,

This was your tool,

Fragrance of desire,

Got me fooled.


Words not spoken,

Not your way,

Text of suggestion,

Hook, line, and sinkered me. 


Over time,

Act became a play,

Neediness, control, and dsyfuncitonal life,

Total dismay.


By this time, I'm all in,

Wrapped around your crazy life,

Head starts,



People pleasing is your role,

Makes your fullfilled,


Unable to face own darkened soul.


Project the hurt,

Caught in the room,

Directed at me,

Wow, what a fuckin loon.


Over time, wears me down,

Takes a heavy toll,

Used to your vampire ways,

Draining energy out of my depleted soul.


Broken was me, putting up with thee,

 Domestic emotional abuse,

Begged you to stop

Weren't to be. 


Lost in a maze,

Losing cognition, my head a complete faze,

Running away, had to do,

Pleading with me, saying 'I can't stand to be without you'. 


Numbness and pain,

Became the norm,

Those close to me, and even strangers, saying,

'You look worn'.


Move away, had to do,

Losing my mind, 

A sure thing,

Act quickly, soon.


Pit of despair, all alone,

Don't recognise oneself, no longer care,

How could it get to this?

Please lord show me how to fix.


Way was dark,

Journey very deep,

Regular sleepless nights,

Head can't seem to keep.


Close to nervous breakdown, 

What it took,

Shown relationship with self was unhealthy,

This was what it took.


On the mend,

Out the way,

Life back on track again,

Never again. 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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