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I’ve tried, but haven’t succeeded, To let him know that I no longer need him. My actions stand-alone than my words,  But I can’t make him undo his hold. His presence disgusts me, makes me want to hurl,
Metastasizing in my grandfather was the horrific monster The monster that has fought relentlessly to win mercilessly Its grotesque figure has combatted many From my granddad, to mother, to me
Abrasive and Bawdy, Calamitous, Determined, Explosive, Fun, Gaudy. At first glance I am so self-assured, 
Given up is just too easy  Call me a stalker for wanting my dreams  those dreams into Reality
Ask for the truth, I'll give you a lie You'll never know that I want to cry. The words you said, they hurt like hell. You victimize yourself, but know that you're well. You've cut me deeply, much deeper than deep
They have never known the peace that trickles
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
You tear apart your family, You make me want to die, You can't accept the unplanned, You're the main reason I cry; Why do you do these things? I may never know, But I wish I could pour sense into you,
The still water ripples out Air rushes against my frigid face So still, the water, so calm. So unlike the flight symptoms of running; Pulsating through my veins. The story of my life.
Look to Tomorrow   Relish the present even when tomorrow feels lost To me it was a window, too frozen to defrost What all once was would never be again Meshed life nonsense, unravel back on friends
Here I am, once again Sitting in the same place, same routine, same faces I’ve mistaken a change in pace to be progress, a step out of this mess I’m discouraged at the realization, no longer through the rearview mirror;
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