Look to Tomorrow

Sun, 08/04/2013 - 18:08 -- Aq1notx


Look to Tomorrow


Relish the present even when tomorrow feels lost

To me it was a window, too frozen to defrost

What all once was would never be again

Meshed life nonsense, unravel back on friends

Purpose, drive, but no way to be free

Other memories I'd rather be ravishing

Clouding, hazed, tasteless mist

The cliff I stumbled off had been so endless...


Whether existence bound eternal or in centuries

Some parts of me shall never make amends, I now see

A stain, a dent, a crash, a wreck

The oblivion of life, since time has commensed

What is to come next, the Lord shall mend

For a grasp on life your mind can bend

Push to the future, yet savor the trek

Look to tomorrow when today you need forget.


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