A Fighting Chance-a glimpse into my life


Metastasizing in my grandfather was the horrific monster
The monster that has fought relentlessly to win mercilessly
Its grotesque figure has combatted many
From my granddad, to mother, to me

Full of determination, I accept every challenge thrust at me
Despite the cancerous soldier ready to plunge his knives
Wearing my armor, I’m jumping into college with an exciting dream
Transforming my hardships to passions to save lives

Pediatric oncology. A devastating tsunami of worry and dismay
With no current cure, we fall prey
The monster thinks he’ll undoubtedly win
However, I have aspirations to reverse his mortal sin

My future is a difficult one no doubt
My single mother reminds me of the evil financial train
I feel as though I’m in a fortuitous drought
Praying for an incessant downpour of rain

Whatever may tackle me on the field of my future
I can say I know the outcome
In college I will study to learn to fight the devious creature
That has deprived children of living their lives to the beat of their own drum

Pulling the covers up over my head
I start to dream every night of my future in bed
White coat on my back, clipboard in hands
Busying about in a distant land
A land where feet are scurrying past me
Hustling in their 9 to 5 usual pace
Not me
The pace I make is one of pride and tenacity
My doctoral status is one of no concern
The children’s lives I will change and save brings joy to me
It’s the passion and a lifestyle I yearn

I swiftly turn into a brightly lit room
The child sees the walls painted with puppies, though many see doom
I see a remarkable soldier, unknowing of the power she will possess
To ultimately triumph against that deceitful monster and end her parents’ stress

I have overcome many hardships in my life
Raised by a single mom, void of a caring father
Cancer, the prevalent monster in our lives, causing strife
I only emerge stronger, this is my book, I am the author

With each page I write, my book leads me to my goal
From varsity tennis captain, to Taekwondo Olympic Team trials, I go
Off into each chapter in my life with exciting twists and strolls
Into the path of unknown

The ending of my book is simple
It doesn’t need many words, it’s simply an honor
Dr. Madison changes lives with her knowledge and smile stretched end to end, every dimple
For children everywhere, I’ll help battle this monster

As you can see, this passion surging through my soul
Cannot be depicted by pixels in photography
My life is more a collage in its whole
With that, I conclude and I leave you to debate upon my poetic bibliography

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My family
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