Promise of Revenge

I’ve tried, but haven’t succeeded,

To let him know that I no longer need him.

My actions stand-alone than my words,

 But I can’t make him undo his hold.

His presence disgusts me, makes me want to hurl,

 I just want him to fall off the face of the earth.

He’s nothing but a plague, awaiting for his next victim,

Which makes me feel sorry for the girl. If only they knew the reasons.

To feed an addiction, that’s his only purpose in life,

Which contradicts his wishes of wanting five children and a wife.

He’s good at playing pretend, lying and making girls his friends,

To pick only the innocent, pretty girls to join his sadistic game.

Hiding the big picture with pretty words laced with venom,

Luring them in until he feels ready to snatch them.

Lies, addictions, games, pain, regret and disease,

Await the next that he meets.

If only I’d listen and not made the biggest mistake of my life,

Now everything I know hangs by a very thin line.

He will fall even if it’s the last thing I do,

Letting him eat all the shit he put me through.

He won’t see it coming, a rage of vengeance,

Wishing he’d never met me, as if that could ever change.

His world will crumble, and break into tiny pieces,

And I, with a smug smile, will tell him, “Yeah, I fucking did this.”

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