bad relationship

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Emotionless through the nights I thought I had a grip It's dark through the days Needing to Bleed It Out And put myself together again Impossible to be whole once more So much has passed so much ruin
Every day you tell me I'm worthless. Every day you make me focus on you. Can you not sense this sadness? A sadness that is new.   Every day you try to change me. Every day you ask for money.
Free Push her to the ground, watch her fall.See how strong you are?She cries from the pain and you just listen to her screams.Over and over again, In her mind, she dies.
Love is sacrificing your free time for him Love is feeling the overwhelming pain of a broken heart Love is giving up your happiness so that he can have what he wants
My parents always warned me about the drugs on the street Never once did they warn me about the ones with brown eyes and can say, “I love you.”
You took me out on adventures all the time, knowing i had anxiety, saying it was fine. You didn't let my fears take over- every event was another step closer to feeling free from the anxiousness that was attached to me.
pleading, begging you ask me to take you backto discard all the heartache, all the heartbreak to replace my scorn with words of love and once again by your side I’d lie
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