I Love You

My parents always warned me about the drugs on the street

Never once did they warn me about the ones with brown eyes and can say,

“I love you.”

I heard it from you so often I became dependent on the simple words,

“I love you.”

Now you’ve gone, moved on, not here to say those words to me,

“I love you.”

Those simple words meant so much to me, and I thought the same for you,

I guess I was wrong, that simple phrase meant nothing to you.

“I love you.”

That phrase is supposed to mean forever, but your forever was a few months

Forever means lasting or permanent, forever means till the end of time

“I love you.”

Those words have such a bitter taste in my mouth, I can’t find someone else,

Yet after months of promises, you broke them, and found someone else.

“I love you.”

You now say those words to someone else, and I have yet to say those words to another human.

I can now say, the words I've longed to say for so long,

“I don’t love you.”

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