Emotionless through the nights
I thought I had a grip
It's dark through the days
Needing to Bleed It Out
And put myself together again
Impossible to be whole once more
So much has passed so much ruin
Returning to the depths
The weight of understanding
Pushing me down
False pretenses of expectation
Hesitations and the blood from another
Doing me is doing for you
Scorn from the past that wasn't me
Believe your bruises the mistakes are mine
Knowing I should be and still refuse to see
What this has done to me
When the time has come and you want me some
Too late no such fate
I see it all ending... This fantasy
You have worn me tons, it's just for fun
Searching for reasons
Has made me mad...
I will rest with all I had
Diverting my mind
And closing these eyes

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